Felting Workshop

In class today we had a felting workshop. It was incredibly fun and creative, and reminded me of the monoprint workshop I went to at AATA—because the creativity was so thick in the room.

Basically you start with wool—it has been cleaned and dyed, but not spun. And you use warm soapy water and agitate the wool and it felts together. Like journaling you use lots of layers to create strength and interesting designs. The felt can then be used like cloth for a variety of purposes.

Here is my wool laid out in the design, ready to be felted.

And here is what it looks like felted. This piece is intended to be a bracelet—more specifically a cuff.

I also wanted to make a piece that I could use to cover one of my art journals with. Here is that piece finished, and I will post pictures of the covered journal soon.

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