1000 Journals Film

I finally got to watch the film 1000 Journals. It was really good and helped me to understand the project on a deeper level. I wasn't expecting some of what I learned -- such as people who were hurt by the project and how competitive people became to become a part of it.

After watching the film, I had dreams about journals all night. Not my current journals necessarily, but future journals, traveling journals, other people's journals. It was a night of very visually rich dreams!


  1. Dear Kelley,
    I love your blog and look forward to reading it and following the links. What a treasure!
    Carol (the recipient of the awesome hand-crafted book by the students!!)

  2. Hi Kelley, I just discovered your 1000 Journals post. I wish we could film dreams like yours... it sounds like an amazing night!
    Much love,


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