public (dis)play

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the opening for private (dis)play, a collection of artist sketchbook and journals. It was a great show, even if it was not exactly what I was expecting, or hoping I guess. I was expecting more journals, but it was indeed more sketchbooks, and only one page of the sketchbooks was showing. They were enclosed in acrylic cases, inhibiting the viewer from interacting with them.

None-the-less the exhibit was well attended, and seemed to spark a lot of discussion.

The drawings were gorgeous, and detailed. And each of the sketchbooks, or journals was different. From the binding and the materails used to create the art.

This journal was not bound at all, but was a collection of loose pages. Sparking questions for me. What defines an art journal? What makes it different from a sketchbook.

My first response answers to this are that an art journal is a collection of responses from the artist— emotional responses, responses to the every day, etc. This differs from a sketchbook in the intentions. Sketchbooks, as I see it are to hone the craft, become a better artist, make studies for larger works. An art journal, is the final product.

These are very rudementary answers, and I am still thinking on the difference. But for now those are my answers.

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