Journaling for Carol

At the beginning of the semester, my classmates and I were confronted with the news that one of our professors was diagnosed with leukemia and would have to take the rest of the semester off. It has been a difficult transition, not only in the program, but grappling personally with the realty of a mentor having such an illness. She has been in intensive treatment since the diagnosis and has not been able to have visitors. So as a program we are creating artwork for her. First we made an affirmation packet for her, similar to the ones she made with us last semester. We are also contributing to a larger project of making an art garden for her in her room, as she is not able to have plants and flowers anymore due to treatment. Now we are making a journal for her. All of us are contributing one 12 x 18 page that will be folded in half and bound as a collective into a book for her.

I was excited and intimidated by the thought of this project. It is art journaling, and that is what I love, but how do I express what I am feeling with the intention of giving it to her to read. So I had to reframe my thinking. I wanted this to be inspiration and encouragement for her.

I first completed this page.

It didn't look exactly like I wanted, so I started a new page. Thinking less about content, and more about color and design. I wanted the creativity to flow like when I am working on printmaking. So I started using some monoprint type techniques, with calligraphy ink I had on hand. I put some masking tape down, and I used bubble wrap to print texture. I then used pieces of cardboard to pull color down from the edges.

After I pulled the masking tape off, I used stamps to stamp a quote in the white spaces the tape left behind. I had masked the edges and used that to write my personal statement to her.

This is the result. And I am much happier with it.


  1. What a tough assignment, to make something for a sick tutor. Such a lovely thought and a lovely piece. I am sure she will be touched and heartened by your artwork. Ann (from UK)

  2. Ann, thank you for reading, and your lovely comments. This one was difficult, and I am sure she will appreciate the journal. Hopefully I can share the completed journal on here.


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